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Communication Applications Software for the Classroom

This 12-unit interactive, multimedia program covers interpersonal, group, and public speaking communication. Communication Applications contains complete tracking of student progress, for business communication, classroom labs, or the home school. One

MyUniverse Viewer  v.1 2

For home, school or business, MyUniverse is designed for creativity, growth and discovery. Start simply as a place to put sticky notes or your favorite internet links. Grow it to create a highly dynamic and visual organization of your information.


FavoriteSync  v.2.0

Sync your Favorites Today most people use the Internet at home, school, work and at other places. The result is often that you have your Favorites spread out across many computers and not always at hand.

MyUniverse Professional  v.1.1

MyUniverse Professional is a feature rich software you can use to take information from various parts of your life and bring them together into one place in a creative, free form, visual and dynamic way. For home, school or business, MyUniverse is

FS Scientific Calc  v.

This scientific calculator provides additional features beyond your phone's built-in calculator. It is designed for use at home, school, or the office. Features include: - Decimal->Fraction Conversion - Degrees/Radians mode - Trigonometry - Basic

Homeschooling  v.

You Don't Have To Be A PHD (Or Even A College Graduate) to Teach Your Child In Home School! Home schooling is a great option if you want to have a larger role in your kid’s learning. You may want to make sure that your child is getting the

World Book Dictionary  v.3.1.2001

The 240,000-entry World Book® Dictionary is a powerful language resource for home, school, and business from the editors of World Book Encyclopedia.

Ichiban Sudoku

Ichiban Sudoku brings the worldwide puzzle sensation to life on your home computer. Pit your mind against the clock while you let your body rock to the oriental hip-hop soundtrack. Create, print, solve, or hint - with four levels of infinite puzzle

Planbook  v.2. 5. 2007

Planbook is an elegant lesson planning program (Mac and PC) that replaces and improves upon your traditional teachers' plan book. Main features: - Enter your classes: add up to 18 courses that you're going to be teaching.

Plan4ME  v.4.54.17

Lesson planning from UK established schemes. Teachers reduce the bureaucratic burden, utilises the latest fully featured techniques for Long, Medium and Short Term planning. All subjects included,

Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012  v.

Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 is a compact, fast and powerful office productivity suite with high file-compatibility. Features Multi-tab interface, two interfaces, pro PDF converter, paragraph adjustment tools, humanized table operation, etc.

Class Action Gradebook  v.12.0.9

Class Action Gradebook Elementary Edition is a easy-to-use solution for class and subject management. It is is designed for teachers who teach multiple subjects to a single group of students. For easy access,

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